04 June 2009

Decided against Amazon S3 and for Mosso Rackspace Cloud Files because it’s cheaper for storing my data. 15¢/ Gigabyte with no transmission fees. In the end, I paid $20 for a JungleDisk Lifetime account to backup, sync, and network my Vista computer and set up a separate Rackspace account to back up my linux box with CloudFiles-Sync which is working so far. Looking like I will finally get everything backed up.

UPDATE 6/7/09: Decided to go with Mozy’s unlimited backup. Even if it’s slower, $5/month is much cheaper once I go above 33 GB. And I don’t really need the CDN option.  I can then use Syncback SE to backup my server from SFTP and use Mozy to back up that folder.  All in all, this should take 1-2 months to get all backed up.

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