16 June 2009

For myself, I’ve used Agilefant (Java), PHProjekt with Scrum Module, Tudu (Java)

I am now using Tracks (Ruby). I really love Tracks– I can export my iCalendar feed, a text feed, and the interface is really easy and powerful.  But, I can’t share my tasks or assign them to other users, there’s no sub tasks (yet), and when multiple items are overdue it floods my Google Calendar on that day. Also, I can’t get it to run through Apache’s fcgi module and have to use mongrel (or thin or event machine).

Other tools I’ve recently looked at, with an emphasis on free and self-installable:

List of more:

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UPDATE 6/17/09  Zoho Planner looks interesting, as well.  Not really collaborative, but you can invite others to edit it.

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