26 June 2009

Interesting new browser plugin for Firefox or Internet Explorer with realtime link and code scanning. May be a strong competitor for McAfee SiteAdvisor.

SecureBrowsing plugin by Finjan:

**Gives you the highest rate of malicious code detection: **

  • Scans the current form of a page as it available on the Web now, in real-time.
  • Detects malicious content based on code analysis, rather than using signatures like anti-virus products.
  • Provides the most accurate page safety rating based on the actual page content, rather than database lookup of web address like URL filtering products.

Ensuring your privacy:

  • Doesn’t track each and every URL you visit.
  • Doesn’t require your identification details.
  • Doesn’t install additional programs or change settings of your desktop.

via Finjan Vital Security- SecureBrowsing.

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