17 July 2009

But no, apparently the publisher changed its mind about offering an electronic edition, and apparently Amazon, whose business lives and dies by publisher happiness, caved. It electronically deleted all books by this author from people’s Kindles and credited their accounts for the price.

This is ugly for all kinds of reasons. Amazon says that this sort of thing is “rare,” but that it can happen at all is unsettling; we’ve been taught to believe that e-books are, you know, just like books, only better. Already, we’ve learned that they’re not really like books, in that once we’re finished reading them, we can’t resell or even donate them. But now we learn that all sales may not even be final.

As one of my readers noted, it’s like Barnes & Noble sneaking into our homes in the middle of the night, taking some books that we’ve been reading off our nightstands, and leaving us a check on the coffee table.

via Some E-Books Are More Equal Than Others - Pogue’s Posts Blog - NYTimes.com.

What poetic irony that the already purchased books were George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” and “1984”.  Could you imagine Microsoft of Apple remoting into your computer and deleting programs?  How is this acceptable behavior?

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