03 August 2009

With numerous incidents having taken place already, Twitter is cracking down by filtering URLs to known malicious sites. Try posting a link to such a site, and you’ll receive the warning: “Your Tweet contained a URL to a known malware site!”

While Twitter (Twitter) does not appear to check these URLs for malware, market leader Bit.ly checks links against the the spam-filtering services SURBL and Google Safe Browsing, and additionally inserts a warning page if a URL is flagged as spam. We’ve found Bit.ly to be extremely responsive to these issues, clamping down on a rogue URL within minutes of our report. Combined, Twitter and Bit.ly are making it harder – but by no means impossible – to launch effective malware attacks on the service.

via Tweet Safer: Twitter Now Blocks Malicious Links.

Good news for safer tweeting.  I really like bit.ly

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