18 January 2010

January 12, 2010

On how Google Wave surprisingly changed my life

I use google wave every single day. I start off the day by checking gmail. Then I look at a few news sites to see if anything of interest happened. Then I open google wave: because that's where my business lives. That's how I run a complicated network of collaborators, make hundreds of decisions every day and organise the various sites that made me $14.000 in december.

via On how Google Wave surprisingly changed my life - This is so Meta.

I’ve noticed this as well, that Google Wave is excellent for collaboration.  A well used wave is hard to describe in comparison to email, IM, or other electronic communications.  A persistent asynchronous chat that can be played back or edited at any time.

However, Google Wave is still in preview and has serious Access Control issues.  Right now, anyone can edit any part of a wave and invite anyone else, or even make it public.  This makes it dangerous for any sensitive communications.

Have you tried ‘Mingle’ by Thoughtworks?

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