05 May 2010

The Electronic Frontier Foundation EFF is urging a federal judge to dismiss Facebooks claims that criminal law is violated when its users opt for an add-on service that helps them aggregate their information from a variety of social networking sites.

via [EFF Seeks to Protect Innovation for Social Network Users Electronic Frontier Foundation](http://www.eff.org/press/archives/2010/05/03).

I have a Facebook account because it is, unfortunately, an important part of staying in touch with some people and finding out about events. However, as an app developer, I early-on learned how much information a user gives up when granting an application access to his/her account.

Subsequently, with the continuing releases of hidden opt-out policies making account information public, I have really become quite afraid of having anything to do with the account.  I’ve deleted almost all personal information.

Also, it’s annoying, as happened today, to login and have a popup div with the choice of either connecting myself to various pages, or to “do it later”.  There’s no way to say “no”.

Now, they are suing a company for breach of Terms of Service.  I’m not sure how much longer I can justify maintaining my account.

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