30 November 2010

Contacts is an experimental addon from Mozilla Labs, which enhances Firefox by making it aware of your online contacts and friend lists. You can then search and browse your contacts in the browser, and a website can ask for permission to access them through an API.

via Mozilla Labs: Contacts :: Add-ons for Firefox.

This add-on was pretty easy to install and link my Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and LinkedIn accounts.  It looks nice and has a good user experience, so far.  What’s particularly interesting, and I haven’t explored this too much, is how it tracks the source of information in contacts as they are merged and split (which is also very easy).

It’s supposed to also sync with OSX AddressBook.app in the new Firefox Beta but that didn’t work on Leopard for me.

Much easier than raindrop which apparently doesn’t like Python 2.7 and pip as installed by homebrew. The idea of streaming my twitter, skype, and gmail updates is interesting, but have yet to see it working.

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