01 December 2010

I’d go further than that and say we should consider removing python altogether in favour of pythonbrew.

via Pull Request — Python26 by bf4 for mxcls homebrew - GitHub.

I wanted to install Mozilla Labs Raindrop and needed to install Mercurial. So, I ran “brew install mercurial” and was greeted with the message

Mercurial can be install thusly: brew install pip && pip install mercurial

So began a journey of failed builds of Raindrop with Python 2.7, so I tried to go back to Python 2.6, but it was no longer in Homebrew, so I extracted the latest version and sent a pull request.

It turns out, there is a Python package manager called PythonBrew (based on PerlBrew) and the Python formula may now be removed from Homebrew as a result of my work, though I closed my pull request to cancel it.

p.s. I haven’t gotten Raindrop working yet and have given up for the time being. Contacts I do enjoy and is easier to install.

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