Benjamin Fleischer

Benjamin Fleischer grew up in Flossmoor, Illinois, and has lived in Philadelphia, New York, Jerusalem, Beer Sheva Israel, as well as Chicago.

He received a Bachelor’s of Applied Science in Biomedical Science and a minor in Chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Sciences in 2000. Benjamin completed one year of medical school at the Ben-Gurion University In The Negev M.D. Program In International Medicine in Israel in 2004.  In June 2010, Benjamin received a Masters of Science in Computer Information Systems from the Northwestern University School of Continuing Studies with a concentration in Database and Internet Technologies.

He is a software developer website engineer… basically a Ruby writer, though this necessarily includes work in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Sometimes he needs to write things in PHP. Strangely enough, though he mostly works on Rails apps, he knows the Ruby language much better. Similarly, he likes working with framework-independent Javascript. Hmm. He codes in vim but is open to learning emacs.

Benjamin is married to Erica Fleischer. They live with their offspring in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago.

Here’s his resume