22 February 2016

A stupid way to recover a commit that has been rebased and is now unreachable (ref):

  1. Given unreachable commit https://github.com/org/repo/commits/332a2b9f43f1f8d7730e0a01356ea183dfadd470
  2. See if you can compare it to any earlier commit you have, e.g. https://github.com/org/repo/compare/f571415f4da9cc28edc83242e353966677dabcd2...332a2b9f43f1f8d7730e0a01356ea183dfadd470.
  3. Push your local commit up to a recovery branch: git checkout f571415f4da9cc28edc83242e353966677dabcd2; git checkout -b recovery; git push origin recovery.
  4. See the patch commits: https://github.com/org/repo/compare/recovery...332a2b9f43f1f8d7730e0a01356ea183dfadd470.patch and download as recovery.patch (you could curl unless it’s private so blah blah)
  5. Apply the patch commits and push up: git am recovery.patch && git push origin recovery.

Tada! You have now recovered and shared that commit!

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